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Production and Collections

Explore behind the scenes of the creation of our unique pieces and delve into the essence of our craftsmanship.


Each of the pieces is a story in itself, a testament to the time and meticulous craftsmanship dedicated to each piece.
The resin application process is an art in itself. Each piece is plated with precision and delicacy, ensuring that the resin sets perfectly and highlights the natural beauty of the organic elements. After bathing, you need to wait around 7 days for the resin to cure completely, ensuring that the colors and shapes of the pieces are preserved as expected.
Each step of this process is carried out manually, with dedication and love for the craft. Our biojewelry is truly unique, as no piece is the same as another. Each one carries with it the mark and beauty of nature.
When you wear one of our biojewels, you are not only adorning your body, but also carrying with you a part of the nature and history that surrounds each piece. Explore the collection and discover the authentic and unique beauty of handmade biojewelry.

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Welcome to our biojewelry gallery, where nature meets art in a variety of collections that reflect our passion for creativity and design.
In addition to our collections that celebrate the ephemeral beauty of nature, we are pleased to present our children's and resin collections, which add a touch of fun and modernity to our product range.
Our children's collection is an enchanting mix of metal and resin elements, carefully combined to create delicate and fun pieces. Each piece of jewelry is designed with children's comfort and safety in mind, while still maintaining the style and quality that are the hallmark of our creations.
For lovers of contemporary design, our resin collection offers a modern, relaxed approach to jewelry. Composed of metals and resin or just resin, these pieces are designed to impress with their unique and bold aesthetic. From geometric shapes to vibrant colors, each piece is a statement of style and individuality.
Regardless of which collection you choose, you can be sure that each piece of biojewelry is created with the same attention to detail and passion for quality that has made us a reference in the world of artisanal jewelry.
Explore our collections and discover the diversity and beauty of handmade biojewelry, designed to delight and inspire in every moment of life.

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