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About Us

The story of our brand was born from the desire of a Brazilian woman to find balance between her professional and personal life, between the stress of the corporate world and her passion for artisanal creation. Ariane, mother of three adorable girls, felt exhausted by her exhausting routine as an executive. It was then that he decided to look for an outlet through crafts.


Our story

Always fascinated by the world of jewelry, Ariane opted for a quick course in resin accessories. What started as a simple attempt to relax quickly became an overwhelming passion. By delving into the possibilities of resin, Ariane discovered a deep connection with the elements of nature.
The inspiration came from the hands of the earth itself: leaves and flowers became his favorite raw material. Each piece was more than a simple creation; it was an expression of natural beauty, an ode to the delicacy and uniqueness of each element found.
This journey of discovery and creation soon became therapy for Ariane. Learning to dry flowers and leaves became a ritual, while his travels around the world became opportunities to collect new natural treasures.
When she finally decided to share her creations with the world, Ariane faced a new challenge: finding the perfect name for her brand. Inspired by the joy and diversity of her own family, Ariane affectionately called her daughters Guavas - a joke that reflected each of their unique temperaments.
This is how Goiabas was born, a biojewelry brand that celebrates the beauty of nature and the diversity of life. Each piece is a tribute to Ariane's journey, a testament to the transformative power of passion and creativity.
Welcome to our story, where the beauty of nature meets human talent to create something truly unique and special.

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